Concert Works

 picture credit: Yuri Pysar

Music Box is a simple response to the thought of what it means to be alive. Life is too quick and too fragile to not enjoy it.

Let the melodic plucks of a music box take you to a happy place, no matter what that may be.

for Concert Band

Score and Parts available here

  A "pub waltz" that depicts an individual's confession of feelings towards their beloved.  Based off of the melody from the traditional Russian song, the individual becomes more intoxicated as the confession comes to an end.

violin, Bb clarinet, bassoon, vibraphone

picture credit: Stephen John Moran

  An inmate makes his Getaway on a high speed train while being closely followed by the law.  Almost detained and with nothing to lose, he takes a long risky jump to the water below.  He wakes with a Headache, and slowly pushes onward towards Liberation.


solo Bb clarinet & chamber ensemble

  Light wind pushes the falling rain across the countryside. The sun brilliantly pierces through the sparse clouds, only to be hidden again.  There is a natural trade-off between the clouds and sun, all the while the rain falls to the ground.


for alto saxophone and piano 

Score and Parts available here

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